Prices (excluding VAT)

        MGA MGB MG RV8 MGC
  Front Coil-Over Suspension:
Available for MGA, MGB & MG RV8
  Kit includes: Wishbones, Coil Over Units, all fittings and instructions   £1045 £1020 £1485  
  Exchange Modified Power Coated Cross Member (if required) - MGB only     £185  
  Cross Member Surcharge     £145  
  Set of Polyurethane Bushes (if required)     £87 £70  
  Cross Member Poly Mounting Pads (Car Set)     £32 £32  
  Stainless steel braided hoses for front brakes (RV8 only)     £50  
  Stainless steel braided 3 hose kit for front and rear brakes (RV8 only)     £75  
  MGB Alloy Front Hubs (Pair)     £440  
  MGB Front wheel bearings (Car Set) Timken O.E.     £60  
  Front Brakes- 4 POT:          
  Available for MGB & MGC          
  MGB kit includes: 4 POT CNC machined lightweight aluminum calipers with dust seals, 10.75" (272mm x 20mm) ventilated discs, stainless hoses, pads and fittings. (Suitable for 15" wheels, 14" wire wheels, 14" steel rostyle wheels or 14" bolt-on wheels with minimum 310mm internal diameter required.)     £765    
  For 14" bolt-on wheels with below 310mm internal diameter, please enquire.        
  Calipers only - to suit BV8 solid disc     £480    
NEW Available MGC kit includes: 4 POT CNC machined lightweight aluminium calipers with dust seals, 292mm x 20mm ventilated discs on bells, stainless hoses, pads and fittings. (Suitable only for 5 1/2" wire wheels)
Front Brakes- 6 POT:
  Available for MGB and MG RV8          
  Kit includes: CNC machined billet aluminium calipers with high temperature EPDM seals, with discs from 300mm to 335mm (dependant on wheel size)     From £1200 From £1200  
  Front Cross Member (Complete):          
  Available for MGB          
  Exchange "Ready to go" fully built cross member with above suspension and 4 POT brake kit, including stub axles, and hubs for bolt-on/wire wheels          £2400(bolt-on wheels)
(wire wheels)
Exchange surcharges:   
  Cross Member     £145    
  Stub Axle       £120    
  Independant Rear Suspension (IRS):          
  Available for MGA, MGB, MGBV8, MGC & MGRV8          
  Kit includes: Diff sub frame plus hub carriers, wishbones, coil over units, stainless steel brake hoses, handbrake cable, bushes, bolts, fittings and instructions          
        MGA MGB/MGC MG RV8  
  IRS Kit with 100mm flange (recommended for under 250 bhp)   £2335 £2285 £2335  
  IRS Kit with 108mm flange (recommended for over 250 bhp)   £2395 £2345 £2395  
  Specifically manufactured shorter half shafts (pair) for use with 100mm flange:   £205 £205 £205  
  Specifically manufactured shorter half shafts (pair) for use with 108mm flange:   £255 £255 £255  
  Ford Sierra/Granada (Standard parts required for IRS)      
  Differential unit (Re-Built): Ratios: 3.9, 3.6, 3.3, 3.1, 4.2, 5.1, Std open, Viscous LSD, or Quaife ATB in 100 or 108mm   3.9 Open 100mm   £850
3.3 Viscous 100mm £1050
3.3 Quaife 100 or 108mm £1695
5.1 Quaife 100 or 108mm £2200
All Subject to Availability
  4x CV Joints (new) for 100mm flange:   £210 total  
  4x CV Joints (new) for 108mm flange:   £318 total  
  2x Steel Rear Bearing Carriers, and stub shafts with new bearings fitted   £260 a pair (100mm/108mm)  
  2x Aluminium Rear Bearing Carriers, and stub shafts with new bearings fitted   £340 a pair (100mm/108mm)  
  2x Drive flanges for MGB/C Bolt-on Wheels   4 Stud £195 a pair B
5 Stud £205 a pair C
  2x Drive flanges for MGB/C Centre-lock wheels (Ford flange and converter)   £215 a pair - new wire wheel adaptor, second hand Ford flange
(when available)

£275 a pair - new wire wheel adaptor, new Ford flange (always available)
  2x Solid brake discs and calipers   £340 (253mm diameter discs)
£375 (273mm diameter discs)
EBC Brake Pads £40
  to suit LT77 & R380   From £225  
  to suit T5 slider   From £235  
  to suit MGB 1800   From £150  
  for other Gearboxes/Lengths       POA  
  NB: All above Ford Parts can also be sourced second hand          
  V8 Exhaust system for use with IRS:          
  Manifolds & Centre Silencer & Standard Rear Silencer     £1090    
  Manifolds & through pipe & Standard Rear Silencer     £995    
  Manifolds & Centre Silencer & Large Rear Silencer     £1125    
  Manifold & through pipe & Large Rear Silencer     £1030    
  V8 Conversion parts:          
  Tremec T5 Gearbox 5 Speed     £1995    
  Rover V8 Bell Housing for T5 & TKO 600     £469    
  External fork & slave     £280    
  Internal hydraulic release bearing     £295    
  Drive plate 91/2"     £145    
  Rover V8 to T5 Spigot Bush     £24    
  LT77 & R380 Gearboxes                  Please Ask          
  JWR Inlet Manifold     £490    
  Thermostat housing     £35    
  Webber 500 Carb     £375    
  Carb Banjo 90deg     £14    
  Carb Heat Insulator     £24    
  Manifold Gasket & Seals     £20    
  Mr Gasket Low Rider Air Filter     £60    
  Throttle Cable and fixing bolt     £18    
  Wheels and Tyres:          
  3 Piece Alloy Wheels of varying styles   POA